About Phil

Phil Giordano is President and Founder of Walden Woods Leadership Inc. He is the author of Discovering Significance: A Self-Reflection and Journaling Process About How Our Experiences and Relationships Affect Our Success and Impact.

Phil is a communications and leadership coach, helping individuals and corporate employees reach their potential through a unique process he calls, “The Love Power Continuum”. His trainings, either one-on-one, or in his workshops, are designed to increase leadership productivity and effectiveness. Phil’s training creates predictable results: a leader, energized by his or her vision, and with an understanding of their unique strengths and talents, is brought to recognize their authentic selves, while greatly increasing their communication skills.

For the past 26 years, Phil has sought mastery in the domains of Authenticity, Leadership, Strategic and Financial Planning. He received his BA in Management from Bentley University, and an MS in Leadership Studies from the University of Southern Maine. He holds certifications in coaching from The Coach Training Alliance and from Carter International Training.  He has received numerous awards from companies he has managed.

Phil lives in Maine with his family. He uses his leadership skills to create a positive impact through Rotary International and Rotary’s youth development program – Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. (RYLA). You can contact Phil directly at: Phil@waldenwoodsleadership.com