Whenever the new year rolls around there’s an air of excitement and a feeling of new beginnings. We advance the calendar, symbolizing change for many of us. There is an ideal picture in our minds of the possibilities a new year can hold for us. Subconsciously, we compare the ideal image of what we wish to be, or accomplish, to how we currently view ourselves. We become judgemental. Growth and development unite as we move toward our desired goals. Wouldn’t it be great if we could conjure the same feelings at other times during the year? With the proper coaching, it’s possible.

  • Do we need to change behaviors?
  • Do we need to change habits?
  • Do we need to change mindsets?
  • Do we have the resolve to make change happen?

Gandhi’s famous quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” has a premise that we first need see the change in ourselves before we can have a positive impact on the world.

There are three pillars of development we need to simultaneously focus on for behavior, habit, and mindset changes to take place.

  1. Organizational Development

Time management and organization skills and practices help us to know what our time is worth investing in and what is worth accomplishing. Organizational development goes beyond our day planner and into action steps.

  1. Business Development

We must strategically plan and execute strategies for growing our businesses and organizations.   We are all connected to a business component of life where efficiency, profitability, and growth are measured and judged. Success is a measurement of achievement.

  1. Personal Development

Personal development incorporates lifelong learning, unleashing the potential that is inside of us. We can’t move to the next level unless we recognize that there is a next level for us to achieve and become. Significance is a measure of impact.

Leadership and Communication coaching evaluates your individual needs within the three pillars of development, unleashing your potential. Time-based learning and feedback loops are built into the process to allow for reflection and strength-based learning.

Changing behaviors, habits, and mindsets combine with your vision, creating the resolve so you can be the change you wish to see in yourself.   When the internal change takes hold, it increases your effectiveness, impact, and influence as you achieve higher levels of success and deeper awareness of significance.


Coaching Challenge:

As you approach your new beginning, spend time examining the Pillars of Development. Do you have the tools necessary to align your behaviors, habits, and mindsets to your beliefs? Are you prepared to achieve both a new level of success and significance? What do you need to change in order to achieve your next level?


Unleash Your Potential



Portrait of Phil Giordano, Business CoachPhil Giordano is the President and Founder of Walden Woods Leadership Inc. and author of Discovering Significance: A Self-Reflection and Journaling Process about how our Experiences and Relationships affect our Success and Impact.

Phil is a leadership and communication coach who has discovered the positive impact of teaching leaders how to lead while moving along The Love Power Continuum. He increases productivity and effectiveness by balancing the use of power and kindness to create cultures where all stakeholders thrive.

Purpose is to help others make a positive impact on the world by connecting leaders to their authentic self and intrinsic motivation while increasing their communication skills. The result is an increase in Productivity along with the ability to connect deeply to your unique Purpose. In working together, you will achieve at a level that surpasses your goals, leading to a lasting Significance.

Process: Phil develops and delivers leadership training and individual development programs that create lasting behavioral change. He uses experiential and time-based learning. The objective is to have the individual leaders tap into their intrinsic motivation and be able to communicate at higher levels. Phil teaches leaders how to possess strong conflict resolution skills. He helps leaders become energized by their vision while possessing a clear understanding of their unique strengths and talents.

The focus of development is always threefold. We simultaneously focus on personal development, business development, and organizational development. Pick up a copy of Discovering Significance, to enhance your personal development.

Check out our upcoming workshops or give us a call for an individual consultation. Phil’s question for you is simple: Are you ready to go ‘all-in’ to achieve your next level?

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