• Working with Phil over the last year in different capacities has been a unique and rewarding experience. I had the honor of working on staff with him at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (District 7780) in June of 2015, and have spent the year since with him as my mentor coach. His ability to connect with people and quickly assess situations serves him well in leadership positions. He has a keen sense for the needs of those around him, and uses that insight to help individuals, as well as the team, succeed. He truly understands his own strengths and weaknesses and is able to surround himself with people who complement those well. If I had to describe Phil in one word, I would say he is a “doer”; he doesn’t just talk about getting something done, he does it, by empowering those around him and relying on his years of experience. Phil is able to get to the destination, but also enjoys journey, and values both. He has helped me grow, both professionally and personally, by helping me recognize what holds me back and what I can do to remove those obstacles and realize my full potential.le

    -Sarah Loeffler, Content Manager at Tanner Corporate Services

  • Phil continues to be a mentor of mine, and I continue to seek guidance from him on a weekly basis. He coaches on principles that are easy to adapt. Our time coaching continues to focus on having a defined process, seeking to understand and provide solutions, having a clear values proposition, and to learn to quickly become comfortable with reaching outside of my individual comfort zone in order to grow professionally and personally. Phil is a rare individual that has the ability to improve both an organization as a whole and the lives/careers of everyone he works with. A true professional.

    -Andrew Cook, Assistant Vice President - Business Banking Specialist

  • Phil is an intelligent, caring, compassionate, hard worker who really knows how to engage, excite, and train all personality types. It is a true pleasure to work with such an individual.

    -L. Dickinson, VP - Market Operations Leader

  • I have been fortunate to know Phil professionally for past 11 years.

    Most recently, I attended a two day seminar focusing on elevating our skill set to achieve higher success in sales. Throughout the two-day seminar he actively engaged a large group of attendees as he walked us the Myers-Briggs personality test. It helped me recognized my own natural traits and how they can help or hinder my performance for success. He then continued to work thru those traits that held me back from reaching higher sales and purpose via personalized coaching.

    Beyond the seminar, Phil kept in contact via weekly computer Web-X, one on one meeting’s to reinforce our skills and to keep the positive behavior changes in growth mode.

    You can’t ask for a more generous, dedicated, knowledgeable & professional person to lead you and your team to increase their productivity, connect them to their higher purpose and achieve significance, I can comfortably say that it helped me!

    -Sara Szechenyi, Select Licensed Relationship Manager

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